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This is Kindle #700!

IMG_20160224_155304favicon The Kindle Classroom Project has reached 700 Kindles. Here is Kindle #700, donated by Dan (New York, NY). Thank you!

It seems like just yesterday that the program passed 600 Kindles! (And here’s the post from when the KCP hit 100 Kindles.)

The Kindles keep streaming in — 47 so far in February, 47 last month, making that 94 Kindles in the first 55 days of 2016.

The previous record for February was 14 Kindles, set last year.

I just checked my donation records, and 59 individuals have contributed the 94 Kindles so far this year. Some people donate multiple Kindles, and one sustaining donor took advantage of a recent $39.99 Amazon sale for new Kindle Fires — and purchased 27.

Kindles are arriving from everywhere — Virginia, California, Missouri, Washington, Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Maine, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Wisconsin, New York, Arizona, Ohio, and a number of additional states.

Nearly all donations begin with generous people making a simple Google search about how they can donate their used Kindle. I continue to appreciate the trust that every donor gives me to take care of their Kindle and give it to a student.

What next? The obvious question is, When’s 1,000? It’s impossible to say, right? No one really knows. But my thinking is that it’s not entirely crazy to suggest that maybe the 1,000-Kindle barrier could be reached by the end of 2016.

Even if the current pace continues, there are many talented teachers in San Francisco and Oakland who are ready to become part of the KCP. In fact, I received three new applications today. The program is growing quickly, and as long as I have hours in the day, I’ll keep processing these Kindles and getting them out to students who are eager to read.

The KCP believes in choice and access. All young people should be able to read the books that speak to them, wherever and whenever they like. favicon