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No, Google Keep is not (yet) an Evernote killer

favicon Today, Google launched Google Keep, which lets you take notes and remember things that are on our mind. Here’s a quick video.

From your phone, you can take notes, create to-do lists, snap pictures, and record audio, all of which is saved and organized in Google Drive. It’s pretty simple and fun to use. There are colors to choose from! There are icons to press!

Because of its simplicity, I can see why people might like Keep, especially if they don’t yet use a notetaking or to-do app. In fact, I can see Google Keep syncing with or replacing Google Tasks. Right now, you can’t see Keep items (your Kept items? your Keeped items?) on your Google Calendar or in your Gmail. Maybe that will happen in the future.

Some people are saying that Google Keep is an Evernote killer. (Yes, the product has been out for just a few hours.) At least in Keep’s initial form, this is not going to happen. Right now, Keep looks pretty small and underwhelming. It’s a place where you might write down some thoughts and save them for a short period of time. It’s not where you’d archive your receipts and invoices.

Most telling, Keep doesn’t let you clip snippets or save articles from the Internet. Until Google creates a web clipper that saves online content on Drive, Evernote will still be the best option for people who like to organize different types of content all in one place.

So what do you think? Is Keep something you’ll try out? favicon

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