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New feature: Say hello to Iserotope Extras!

favicon I’m very pleased to announce a new feature today: Iserotope Extras(Update: Extras is now The Highlighter.)

As you know, I care about (in other words: am obsessed with) teaching, reading, and technology. So I think about all this stuff and write about it and invite loyal Iserotope readers to comment about it. (Thanks, readers!)

But what I do, more than anything else, is read about it.

Now I want to share the very best of what I read with you.

Click on Extras at the top of the page and a new tab will open to a beautiful list of articles to read, along with a little blurb of what I think. (Credit goes to Bundlr for the design.)

Even better: You can share individual articles (or the entire list!) to email, FB, Twitter, and more.

The only negative is that you can’t leave comments about these articles, which would be cool. But feel free to tweet me @iserotope. That’ll have to do for now until I come up with some better idea.

Anyway, I’m really excited, and I hope you are, too. I know that several of you have asked me, “Mark, where do you find those articles?” and “How do you come up with your crazy ideas?”

Now you know!

Please let me know what you think! Is this a good new feature, and if so, what topics do you want to read about? favicon


  1. John at TestSoup

    This is cool! Is this something you’ll be sharing with your students? Or are you building a more student-oriented one for them? It would be cool if they could add article to it that they found particularly interesting.

  2. Mark Isero

    Thank you for the support, John! Yes, I’m thinking of doing something similar with my students, who will be documenting their first year in college. The collaboration aspect is crucial — the ability, as you say, for them to add articles, too.

    I really wish, though, that Bundlr had the capability for people to add comments. I’m not looking for another social networking site, but the point of reading is also to have a conversation.

  3. Erin

    Very cool, Mark! You’ve got me thinking about how I can possibly use this for my sabbatical blog…your commitment to and use of technology is inspiring.

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