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My students love the Kindle, #1

favicon What’s happening in The Kindle Classroom Project makes me happy I’m a teacher.

Students are reading more, enjoying reading more, and asking for more books.

So far, I have 12 Kindles (the 13th is coming soon!) and 130 high-interest e-books (with more to come).

My students’ excitement for reading is palpable. Check out my first Kindle video below (about a minute). Princess is a big fan of many of the Kindle’s features, including the built-in dictionary and text-to-speech.

I’m hoping to put up more photos and videos soon.

If you know someone who’d like to contribute to The Kindle Classroom Project, please pass on the word! You can refer them to my Kindle posts, to the Contribute page, or to the Chipin! button on the sidebar. Thank you so much. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!