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Kindlers’ thoughts about reading on Kindles

favicon Today I had a meeting at lunch with some of the Kindlers in Hayward. The students are doing a great job reading (10 books so far this year, on average) and keeping their Kindles safe.

One of my questions was, “What’s your favorite thing about reading on a Kindle?” Here are some of the ninth graders’ responses:

  • “My favorite thing is it’s easy to flip through pages on a Kindle.” -Kaela
  • “My favorite thing about my Kindle is how lightweight it is” -Nancy
  • “I like that when I turn it off it stays on the page I left off on.” -Jocelyn
  • “You can find any book you want.” -Lydia
  • “My favorite thing about the Kindle is the Kindle speaking to you.” -Greg
  • “It’s like carrying 300 books around.” -Javier
  • “My favorite part is the anti-glare screen so I can read in the sun.” -Augustus
  • “I love that it’s small and has so many books.” -Chase
  • “I don’t have to carry the bulk of a regular book.” -Francisco
  • “I really like to swipe my Kindle Touch.” -Christopher
  • “You can carry it, the pages won’t rip like books, and it’s light.” -Yasmine
  • “You can bring it anywhere — it’s light.” -Erica
  • “It’s like having a library in one device.” -Mikaella
  • “I like it when it reads to me.” -Christopher
  • “That you can change the text size.” -Camilo

Also, here are some of their favorite books so far this year:

– The Perks of Being a Wallflower
– Always Running

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid
– The Outsiders
– If I Stay
– The Fault in Our Stars
– Ender’s Game
My Bloody Life
Go Ask Alice

It makes me happy that the Kindlers are reading a lot, liking to read, and building their reading lives! favicon


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