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Kindle Classroom Project Update, September 2013

favicon I am happy to report that September was a big month for the Kindle Classroom Project. Here are some highlights:

1. Ten Kindles were donated.
We’re now up to 80 total Kindles! September was our third-busiest Kindle donation month of all time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll hit 100 Kindles by the New Year. Do you think it’s possible?

2. Twenty-two books were donated.
We’re now up to 296 total titles! September was our second-busiest ebook donation month of all time. Folks are telling me that they like checking out my students’ Amazon wishlist to see the latest requests. It’s also helpful that donors can view the current Kindle library.

3. Classroom Library Mirroring is really happening.
My vision is that students can shop for books in the classroom’s physical library but read them on their Kindles. I call it classroom library mirroring.

Mirroring brings the best of both worlds: You get to touch the physical book, but it never leaves the classroom. It stays nice and colorful and in good condition on the library shelf. Meanwhile, you can enjoy reading the book on your Kindle, where the digital copy never gets lost or worn.

Just last week, I began tracking how many titles are mirrored. We’re up to 102. Not bad!

4. I updated some pages.
New to Iserotope: “Our Kindle Library” and “Gallery.” Check them out! Also, I updated the Contribute page and the About page.

5. As always, KCP donors are great.
Thanks so much to all the September donors: Wil (New York, NY), Wes (San Francisco, CA), Katherine (New York, NY), Mary (Princeton Junction, NJ), Mary (Parkersburg, IA), Shelly (Alameda, CA), Jenna (Fremont, CA), Doug (San Francisco, CA), Ruth (Palo Alto, CA), Sarah (Logan, UT), and Maria (still unknown!).

Let’s keep things going! Keep getting the word out. Students want to read and are patiently awaiting Kindles and good books! favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!