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The Kindle Classroom Project is lean and mean

bigstock-Touch-E-reader-With-Money-288951561-300x200favicon When you make a donation, you want to make sure your contribution is used well. You don’t want it to go toward administrative costs or other unrelated stuff.

Even though the Kindle Classroom Project is not a non-profit organization (yet), I did a little accounting today, just to see how well I’m handling the books. Here’s what I found out:

In 2013, the Kindle Classroom Project had…

  • 140 total donors,
  • 95 Kindles donated,
  • 221 ebooks donated,
  • 23 physical books donated,
  • 16 Kindle batteries donated,
  • A few other items (like Kindle cases) donated.

Overall, the total value of donations came to $9,152.79. Not a bad year!

I’m also happy to report that I kept costs low. The total amount spent to run the Kindle Classroom Project in 2013 was $136.28, just 1.5% of total donations.

In the future (when the Project gets huge!), I may use some donated money to pay for these administrative costs. But remember, I’m a contributor, too! Plus, it doesn’t make sense for Generous Donors to pay for their own thank-you cards! That would be silly!

That is all to say that 100% of your donations made in 2013 went directly to students and their reading lives. It’s all very simple: Everything goes to Kindles, Kindle books, Kindle cases, and Kindle batteries!

Please feel free to get the word out!

Thank you very much for a wonderful year. favicon

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