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My Kappan article on Kindles featured in The Marshall Memo!

marshall memofavicon I wasn’t having a great Monday until an email from Kim Marshall arrived in my inbox.

Yes, the Kim Marshall, of The Marshall Memo, the extremely well-regarded weekly publication that curates and summarizes key articles about K-12 education.

Here is the email in part:

I enjoyed your article in Phi Delta Kappan and summarized it in this week’s Marshall Memo, a newsletter I send to subscribers in the U.S. and around the world (attached). I hope you feel I did justice to your piece.

Wow! Mr. Marshall enjoyed my article about the Kindle Classroom Project? And he liked it enough to include it in his newsletter — out of the 100+ articles he reads every week from the 64 journals he reviews?

I’m very honored. (Mr. Marshall, of course you did justice to my piece. Thank you.)

Here’s the Table of Contents. Seven is a great number.

Screenshot 2014-04-21 21.16.13Also, I must say this: I am very impressed by Mr. Marshall’s work. Content curation is not a new buzzword to him. He’s been reading about education and publishing his Memo since 2003. (On a side note: I wish I’d come up with this great idea!) favicon


  1. Beth

    Mark- This is great news. The Marshall Memo is an amazing resource to educators. I would not be surprised if it was just your debut.

    • Mark Isero

      Thanks, Beth! The Marshall Memo is serious! (More people reached out about the article after it was in the Marshall Memo than initially when it was published in Kappan.)

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