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Iserotope mentioned in The Kindle Chronicles

favicon People are talking about Iserotope!

Well, at least a little bit.

In this week’s podcast on The Kindle Chronicles, host Len Edgerly interviewed Meg Griswold, a teacher from Nashville who uses Kindles in her classroom.

Right at the end of the interview, for about 10 seconds, Mr. Edgerly and Ms. Griswold mentioned me and Iserotope — and whether teachers should use technology to monitor their students’ reading progress. Ms. Griswold says no — as do I.

(They were talking about “Not Reading the Book? The Book is Watching You,” where I got a little freaked out about how some companies think it would be a good idea if teachers tracked their students’ “engagement” on tablets.)

For the very serious and loyal Iserotope follower, see if you can find the 10-second clip in this 45-minute podcast! (The rest of the podcast is excellent, too: Mr. Edgerly does an excellent job keeping up with all things Kindle.)

Thanks, Mr. Edgerly and Ms. Griswold, for mentioning Iserotope! It’s a small but very powerful world out there of folks interested in how Kindles can revolutionize (and improve) reading and literature instruction in high schools! I’m glad to be a part of it. favicon


  1. Len

    Glad you caught it, Mark! It didn’t surprise me that you and Meg Griswold have crossed paths, since you are both doing groundbreaking work with Kindles in the classroom. Cheers, Len.

    • Mark Isero

      Thank you very much, Len! I continue to listen to your podcast every Friday. Things are really heating up in the Kindle world, don’t you think? I also appreciate that you’re interested in how teachers and students are using Kindles to promote reading.

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