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Huge January for the Kindle Classroom Project

favicon After an impressive month of donations, the Kindle Classroom Project is growing at a rapid rate. Contributions in January brought the overall Kindle total to 139.

With 24 Kindles donated, January was the second-best month in KCP’s history. It finished just behind December 2013, which had 28.

Here’s a great graph that I think you’ll enjoy:

Kindle Growth

I’m not a Math whiz, but something is happening with that graph, don’t you think? Kindle contributions seem fairly linear from November 2012 to November 2013. The last two months, on the other hand, tell a very different story.

It may be impossible to keep up this near-exponential pace, but the fact remains that 52 Kindles have been donated in the last 60 days. Amazing!

Another way to assess growth is to compare recent months to the same month last year. For example, January 2014 added 24 Kindles, while January 2013 netted 10. December 2013 added 28 Kindles, while December 2012 netted 6. That’s a big difference.

Here’s another way to explain the growth: Before December, there had never been a month in which more than 20 Kindles were donated. The closest was June 2013, when we gained 12 Kindles.

The question now is whether the surge will continue. Last February, 11 Kindles were donated. How many will come in this year? While my gut says that this kind of growth can’t possibly continue, I also say, Why not?

What would be the problem, say, if the Kindle Classroom Project had 160 Kindles before March and 200 before June? My students would have no problem with that.

Thank you to everyone who donated in January: David and Linda (Cannon Falls, MN), Matthew (Chicago, IL), Julia (Ann Arbor, MI), Amy (West Chester, PA), Kristzian (San Jose, CA), Rich (via email), Hoai (New York, NY), Jeffrey (via Facebook), Ben (Oakland, CA), Cathy (Iron Station, NC), Kim (Polk City, IA), Jenn (Brockway, PA), Anna (Fort Smith, AR), Emily (St. Louis, MO), Donna (Denver, CO), K.C. (Palo Alto, CA), Jeannette (via email), Roger (West Jordan, UT), Pat (Garfield, NJ), and Cathy (Benton, PA).

I love that Kindles are coming in from all over the country. Is it just me, or is Pennsylvania a particularly Kindle-donating-generous state? favicon

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