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How has the KCP impacted you?

favicon The Kindle Classroom Project community has grown to include 688 students, 16 teachers, and 315 supporters. That’s about 1,000 people!

It’s time to gather some stories. What does the KCP mean to you? Why are you a part of the program? How has the project impacted you?

I hope you’ll want to share your story! Your piece can be as short as a paragraph or as long as you like. Feel free to be serious or funny or both. I also highly encourage that you include a photograph. Let’s find out what the KCP community looks like!

After you finish your testimonial and click submit, I’ll get it ready for publication on Iserotope. Here’s an example of what your post will look like. (Thank you, Susan!)

Thank you, everyone — students, teachers, and supporters — for thinking about sharing your experiences with the Kindle Classroom Project. The more stories, the better. I hope you come through! favicon

  • A photo of you isn't required, but I would appreciate it very much, plus it'll make your post more personal.
  • Your email address won't be published. It's just for me to be able to contact you.

Please share your brilliant insights!