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Help for roaming teachers

favicon It’s budget crisis time again in California, which means students are cramped and teachers are scurrying around to their various classrooms.

It’s happening to me, too. I’m teaching in three different classrooms this year.

The good news is, There is a computer in each classroom, so I don’t have to lug around my laptop, keep charging its battery, or worry about getting online.

But until this year, I would have stressed out about my files. Like many teachers, I likely would have used a flash drive to supplement Google Docs and to keep all of my stuff updated and organized. And then each day, I would have made sure to sync my files with my computer at home.

No more.

I’ve written about Live Mesh before. I’m very pleased to report that Live Mesh has made my nomadic teaching lifestyle bearable.

No matter where I save something, I know it’ll be on the other computers, ready for me, with no additional anxiety. This has helped me keep track of scanned student work, files from teachers not on Google Docs, and attachments parents send me.

Sure, there are other alternatives — please leave comments to share yours — but for me, Live Mesh has worked well. favicon

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