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For teachers, SugarSync outdoes Dropbox

Now that Microsoft has discontinued Live Mesh Beta, it’s time for me to find another application to sync all my stuff.

I liked Live Mesh, but my computers still run XP, which no longer supports the new Windows Live Mesh 2011. (Question #1: Are you confused yet? Microsoft likes to keep us guessing. Question #2: What happens to Live Mesh 2011 in 2012?)

So over the last few days, I’ve looked at Dropbox and SugarSync, which do everything Live Mesh used to do, only better and faster. Ultimately, I’m choosing SugarSync, and here’s why.


  • 2 GB free storage
  • 1 synced Dropbox folder
  • Online manager


  • 5 GB free storage
  • 1 synced Magic Briefcase + Sync Any Folder
  • Online manager + Desktop manager

There’s more to compare, of course, but the additional space, along with the Sync Any Folder feature, makes SugarSync the winner for me.

Let’s say that I have three computers (desktop, laptop, school) and I want to back up both personal photos and school photos. With Dropbox, the files would reside on all three machines (plus in the cloud). SugarSync allows for more flexibility. For example, I can back up my school photos on all three machines but sync my personal photos on just my home desktop and laptop.

As a teacher, my life has to be together and separate at the same time. Even though I want simplicity, privacy is crucial, too. Therefore, if I have to choose one cloud storage and sync solution, I’ll go with SugarSync. 

Register here and get 5.5 GB free storage!

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