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Exciting new feature: TEACHER VOICES

I think this is hilarious and should be the logo of TEACHER VOICES. 🙂

favicon Hi everyone. I’m very excited today to announce a major new feature on Iserotope: TEACHER VOICES.

If you’re a founding reader of the blog, you’ll remember that I used to write quick reflections back when I was an English teacher. The posts described my successes and failures, my roller-coaster emotions, my incessant attempts to figure things out, and, from time to time, my minor epiphanies.

Several of those posts were very popular, and many of you wrote comments to cheer me on, push my thinking, and engage each other in dialogue. I liked very much the community these posts helped build. Yes, I do like comments!

The reason those posts were popular, I think, is that teacher voice is essential and illuminating. Teacher voice cuts deeply through the educational debate rhetoric mumbo-jumbo that too often obfuscates what’s really happening in our classrooms.

Ever since I became an instructional coach two years ago, that critical part of Iserotope — real stories by real teachers — has been missing.

Until now.

This year, I’m inviting a few of my colleagues to tell their stories on Iserotope. Some will post just once; others may, I hope, become consistent contributors to the blog. Though many of them share my passion for reading, they’ll write about whatever they like.

I encourage you, my dear Iserotope readers, to get to know these teachers, to listen to their stories, and to engage in conversation by leaving brilliant insights. Everyone is welcome: You don’t have to be a teacher to leave a comment. And please, tell your friends — the more, the merrier!

Please let me know your thoughts! Do you like this? What kinds of stories would you like to read? favicon


Please share your brilliant insights!