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Craigslisters love the Kindle Classroom Project

favicon I’m always happy when a stranger donates to the Kindle Classroom Project, whether that means donating a Kindle, making a cash contribution, or supporting a project on DonorsChoose.

But one of my favorite things is when a random person on Craigslist agrees to meet with me and hand over their Kindle.

I started asking for Kindles on Craigslist last year, and at the beginning, I wasn’t so successful. But lately, things have changed. I don’t have any hard data on this, but it seems like I’m getting somewhere around a 5% yield rate right now.

The process is pretty easy, actually. I’ve set up an RSS feed that automatically sends local Craigslist posts for Kindles to my Feedly / Digg Reader. The going rate for Kindles on Craigslist is about $40.

Here’s the email that I send them:

Screenshot 2014-04-12 11.42.02

And then I wait. Usually, nothing happens, but sometimes, I get a response. (I think the links help; it makes me look legit!) We arrange a good time and place to make the transaction, and that’s that.

The best thing is that everyone has come through so far. I get there, the person is usually already there, prompt and prepared, we say hello, sometimes there’s a handshake, and then the Kindle is exchanged.

Except it’s not really exchanged — because I don’t have anything to give them except my thanks. Maybe that’s the next step. Perhaps I need to give them something physical. A thank-you card, maybe? They don’t really seem to care either way, I don’t think.

And then it’s done. The 10- to 15-second interaction results in joy both ways. The Craigslister is happy to donate, and I’m happy that another student gets his or her hands on a Kindle. favicon

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