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Come on: I dare you!

favicon Tonight I was fooling around with the Kindle Classroom Project’s Amazon Wishlist — adding some stuff, taking some stuff off, and getting the list ready for the start of school.

And then I came across some text near the top of the wishlist. It read, “Want the entire list?” So I clicked, and this is what I got.


Is the screenshot clear enough to read? Yes, apparently, if you’d like, you can purchase all 31 items currently on the KCP Wishlist. Sure, it’ll cost you $1,180.70. But think of the impact: You’d be donating 11 Kindles (7 regular Kindles and 4 Paperwhites) and 20 books. (This option doesn’t let you buy Kindle e-books. Too bad.)

If you’re interested, you’d better act fast. There’s no telling when I’ll be adding more books and other items. (Answer: Soon.)

All kidding aside, the KCP Wishlist is a great way to make a donation to students and their reading lives. Buy one book or many. Choose between donating an e-book or a physical one. Find books you like.

And if there’s nothing there right now, come back in a few weeks, as school begins, as students make their requests, and as the reading buzz escalates!

Update: Heidi (Alameda, CA) took me up on the challenge and donated copies of Tyrell from the Amazon Wishlist! In due time, she assured me, she’ll click the “Want the entire list?” button. 🙂 favicon

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