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Big day! 3 new Kindles arrive!

3newKindlesfavicon I am very pleased to announce the arrival of three new Kindles. Don’t they look great?

I think they’re the best.

This is a big deal. This means that the total Kindle count has gone up to 45, an all-time record.

This means that three more students get to borrow a Kindle, take it home, and have access to 241 good books.

To students, this means that there are “people out there who actually care about us.” (The quote isn’t imaginary. This is what the students actually say.)

Just two days ago, my friends Lesley and Preeti suggested that I should make it easier for people to donate new Kindles. So I did.

And today there were already three new Kindles waiting for me when I got home from work. That’s what I call an impressive turnaround.

I am humbled to announce that Lesley was the donor of one of the Kindles, and Preeti was the donor of the other two. Lesley and Preeti, thank you very much!

My friends are kind, smart — and very generous. They don’t fool around.

Want to join in all the fun? You can, you know. You can buy a new Kindle or donate an old one or buy a book or make a contribution. There are so many choices!

Also, feel free to use the comments section to let Lesley and Preeti know exactly how cool they are. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!