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All 12 Kindles are back…finally.

 You may have been following my campaign to retrieve my Kindles from students. It hasn’t been an easy task. My students kept coming up with excuses about why they needed to keep their Kindle for longer!

But I report good news: I have all 12 Kindles back now, safe and sound. Finally.

It’s time for me to charge them up, make sure each of them is loaded with our full, 147-title e-book library, and get them ready for summer deployment.

Yep, that’s right: I’ve chosen 12 lucky ninth graders to borrow the Kindles for summer reading. The agreement is that they read at least three books this summer and report back to me twice a month about their progress.

The students are all wonderful, they’re all reading below grade level, and they’re all eager to improve their reading skills. My prediction is that all of them will meet the challenge, and my hope is that they will catch the thrill of reading.

We’ve heard about summer learning loss. I’m happy that the Kindles, for the first time, will be in students’ hands during the summer. I’ll let everyone know about how this little experiment goes.

Once again, thank you, generous donors, for contributing the Kindles! 

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