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Um, it’s not easy to get my Kindles back

 There are just two weeks left before the end of school, and I’m still trying to get two of my Kindles back.

My students want to keep them.

“But I need to finish my book!” says one. She’s still not finished.

“Sure, I’ll bring it back tomorrow, Mr. Isero,” says the other. He doesn’t bring it back.

Sure, I’ll get my Kindles back eventually. But it won’t be without a fight.

I think this is because my little experiment, the Classroom Kindle Project, has been a huge success this year. More than any of my other campaigns, this one struck a chord with my students.

The project convinced me that teenagers like to read but have to be encouraged to do so. The Kindle does that. It has the perfect combination of technology and flexibility.

Again, thank you to all the donors who contributed to the first year of the Classroom Kindle Project. I’m ending the year extremely happy with 12 Kindles and 140 e-books.

I can’t wait to see what happens next year. In the summer, I hope to find a few more Kindles so that I can reach my goal of a classroom set of 25. If you have friends who would like to donate their Kindle, please let me know. 


  1. Mark Isero

    Yes, please consider it! Thank you, John, for your interest. And if you have friends who would like to help out, please let them know. (I can’t wait for the Kindle with the light!)

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