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A well-traveled Kindle comes to SF

favicon Kindle donors leave the kindest notes for students. Here’s one I received a few days ago from a generous donor. I can’t wait to share this note with an eager student in San Francisco.

I hope that you will enjoy this Kindle as much as I have in the last six years. This electronic gadget has traveled a bit, and I thought you might like to know where it has been. This Kindle’s latest trip was to Seoul, South Korea, where I went for work. It has also been to Cabo San Lucas last winter.

There have been multiple trips to Europe: to Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Austria. Here in the “Lower 48,” it has traveled to Seattle WA, Salt Lake City UT, Las Cruses NM, Savannah GA, and Denver CO, to name a few!

Please keep the Kindles streaming in, Generous Donors, and though kind notes to students aren’t mandatory, they are definitely welcome! favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!