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A big day for the Kindle Project!

In my last post, I wrote an update about the Kindle Project: my dream to get a class set of 25 Kindles and to sync my physical classroom library on the devices.

Yesterday, the Kindle Project got a big boost in two ways.

1. We unwrapped our class’s 11th Kindle. Pauline (right) got the honors this time.

Funny side note: My students are beginning to think that this whole Kindle Project is getting a little out of hand. Some think I’m secretly getting them each a Kindle so they can keep one as they go to college. (That’s not happening.) Others say I should change the “Kindle Project” to the “Fund Our Entire College Tuition Project.” (That’s not happening, either.)

2. We received a big donation for Kindle books. I was hoping for $250 by April 1, and the goal was met in less than 24 hours. Amazing. (Do you know anyone who’d like to donate? It’s easy. Just click on the ChipIn button on the right sidebar.)

This money will go toward buying e-books that students want and toward syncing my Kindle library with my classroom physical library.

It’s powerful to tell students that I’ll buy them any book they want (so long as they explain why they’re interested in the book and why others might want to read it, too).

It’s also powerful to tell students that every book they see on the bookshelf is also on their Kindle. That’s the goal.

* * *

As you can tell, I’m starting to get pretty excited. My dream of getting a class set of Kindles with a substantial e-book library might actually come true. I am very appreciative of all the donors. Thank you again!


  1. Mark Isero

    Thank you, Ida. I like tech, but I’m learning that tech must not be for tech’s sake. Besides, Kindles are decidedly low-tech. Rather, this Kindle project is all about getting reading closer to our students.

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