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5 free and easy ways to support The Kindle Classroom Project

favicon Hey, loyal Iserotope readers! Want to support The Kindle Classroom Project but can’t or don’t want to donate a Kindle, contribute money, or purchase a book?

Or maybe you’ve already donated plenty of your hard-earned cash and would rather let someone else empty their pocketbooks for a change?

Don’t worry: Here are many free and easy ways to help out. Try a few of them. Or try them all. Don’t be shy!

1. Tell your friends about The Kindle Classroom Project.
Word of mouth is the best way to get the word out. Say you’re with your friends, talking about the fiscal cliff or Kim Kardashian’s baby. What better time to say something like: “And you know what? My friend Mark collects used Kindles to promote reading! You should check out his blog!”

2. Share The Kindle Classroom page to kind, generous people.
Do you email? Use Facebook? Are you a tweeter or a Google plusser? However you share stuff online, please do so! The easiest way to share is to go to The Kindle Classroom page or the Contribute page and use the social sharing buttons at the top. Come on, it’ll be fun! If you’d like to use the direct link (for emailing and texting), here it is: iserotope.com/donate-kindle.

3. Subscribe to Iserotope via email, RSS feed, Twitter, and/or Facebook.
My goal this year is to move Iserotope away from my personal Facebook wall and share my posts only with those who want to read them. So if you like Iserotope, you should subscribe! Everything you need to subscribe is over on the right sidebar. (Just look for Snoopy in the Giants hat, though he’s hard to see.) By subscribing, you benefit The Kindle Classroom Project because the blog’s network gets larger and more powerful.

4. Share posts you like.
I can’t tell you how many Kindles have been donated because a friend decided to share a post on Facebook wall or tweet it out. If you like a post, click on a social sharing button (Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter) right underneath the headline. It won’t take two seconds, plus it’ll make the post rank higher on Google. It’s even more powerful than liking a post on Facebook. Case in point: If you search “donate kindle” in Google, this post comes up on the first page, ranked #8. Not bad!

5. Write comments.
I’ve saved the best for last. When I began Iserotope, I wanted to create a place not just to reflect and share my thoughts, but also to create a community where teachers and people who care about education could come together to exchange ideas. Last year, a small, caring community of smart, committed people began to form. I’d like this group to grow, and I’d like Iserotope to be a forum about reading, teaching, and technology. Therefore, I hope that you will feel comfortable leaving comments. Please do!

Thank you very much for reading this post and for supporting Iserotope and The Kindle Classroom Project. If you’d like, feel free to leave me a comment about which of these five things you did! (It’s possible to do all five, right? 🙂 ) favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!