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4 Kindles in just 1 day!

favicon The Kindles come in waves.

That’s what happened today. After more than three weeks with no new donations, four new Kindles arrived today!

It’s bizarre, and it’s hard to explain, but I’m very excited and appreciative.

Take a look at the four boxes all stacked up!

4 new Kindles boxes

As everyone knows, shipping isn’t cheap. Donors always pack their Kindles with great care. Because most contributors pay for their own shipping, that means I can focus on buying new books for students.

Here are the four new Kindles! Please notice the handsome cases.

4 new Kindles

Here’s more evidence of the care that donors demonstrate. See how each case is different? The cases I buy are functional, strong, and cheap. They’re perfectly fine. But they lack the creativity and class that these cases have.

Speaking of creativity, check out this Kindle!

Colorful Kindle

See how much personality? For many people, a bright and colorful skin won’t affect their reading habits too much. I’m one of them. But I can guarantee that the student who receives this Kindle will cherish it and make it her own.

In addition to the Kindles, I receive kind notes. Here’s one from today:

Arts Note

All of this generosity of spirit continues to inspire me.

Let’s be clear: Here are people from across the country who don’t know me, who find out about the Kindle Classroom Project over the Internet, who choose to donate their Kindle to a perfect stranger, who package and ship their Kindle carefully, who throw in their colorful protective case, and who write me an inspirational note.

It’s pretty great.

So with a ton of enthusiasm and gratitude, I’d like to thank Anja from San Francisco; Thomas from Chicago; Angie from Roanoke, Virginia; and Art from Redding, Connecticut.

You’ve made this day a special one for me, the KCP, and for four rising ninth graders who don’t yet realize they’re just a few months away from a reading adventure. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!