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Today’s project: Organizing all my books

favicon Today I’m organizing all my books using Goodreads.

The first thing I decided, after much thought, was to create two Goodreads accounts to split the books I’ve read from those in my classroom library.

So I’m both iseroma and markisero on Goodreads.

Then I worked a little (but not too much) on organization and cataloging. Goodreads calls categories “shelves.”  It’s important that I know where all my books are, so I made shelves to track whether books are in my home library, on my Kindle, or back at the library. To make sure I maintained sanity, I decided (at least for today) not to organize my books by genre. That would likely spell doom.

Now I’m adding books! Goodreads has an excellent phone app that lets you scan books that automatically get shelved. The scanner doesn’t work every time, but it’s pretty reliable and saves a lot of time. The only problem is that Goodreads merges identical items, so it might be hard to keep track of multiple copies of books.

Will I be able to finish this project today? Unlikely, but I’m hoping. Once everything is accounted for in Goodreads, I can proceed with my next step: figuring out which teacher(s)  I want to partner with this year to share my classroom library and to promote independent reading. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!