1. Laura Hawkins

    This sounds really cool, except it seems that my school isn’t using the *latest* version of Google Apps, so I can’t sign in with my school Google Apps account.


    • Mark Isero

      Really? That’s really weird. Do you mean that you can’t sign it at all, or you can’t sign in as the first user when you open up your Chrome browser? (I didn’t know that there were different versions of Google Apps.) Keep me updated! Thanks, Laura!

    • Laura Hawkins

      Oh wait! So it wouldn’t let me sign on, and when I googled for info about signing on using a Google Apps account, Google’s page said to make sure I was using the latest version of Google Apps. But then your comment made me go and check. And it turns out I just forgot what my new name is (and hence what my new address is). Problem fixed – tada!

    • Mark

      Great job, Laura. I’m happy that you were successful. Today I’m doing more work because I’m less distracted by all my Google extensions and personal bookmarks.

  2. Chris Mercer

    Hmmm. I’m on my mom’s laptop right now. Should I not try this until I get on my computer? I’ll figure it out. If I don’t I’ll write back. Thanks for the tip. I was tired of signing in and out of gmails.

    I’m really getting a lot of mileage out of my website. I’m really excited and continuing to develop ideas.

    My new school is really amazing. It’s what I wish all schools could be. Respectful kids who want to learn, supportive team oriented faculty, a genuine desire to help kids be their best selves. Sports are considered co-curricular and not extra-curricular. It’s an ideal place. But, alas, it costs $19,600 per year. Ugh. (Unless you qualify for financial aide using the FAFSA.)

    I’m really enjoying my teaching. It’s a welcome change of pace.


  3. Mark Isero

    Hey Chris, it’s OK to try it on other computers. You just have to make sure you sign out or else others can get on your user profile (and make changes).

    I’m happy to hear that you like your new placement. It’s good to get a different perspective. That’s partly why, after 15 years in the classroom, I made my move this year. I look forward to hearing more updates from you.

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