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Starting a student tech club on campus

faviconOne of my dreams is having a technology club on campus, but so far, I haven’t found the spark among students.

Starting anything new at my school is difficult. You would think a small school would make things easier. The opposite is true: When there are only 300 students,  getting even 10 students together is a major undertaking.

It doesn’t help that the stereotype of “young techie” doesn’t exactly match up with the stereotype of “urban youth.”

But the need is obvious. The interest, I believe, is just under the surface.

Recent breakthrough
Last week, a young woman approached me and asked, “Can I start a tech club?” This is the same girl I pitched the idea to a year ago. (See, it takes time.) Last year, she wanted to found the club so that students could practice their keyboarding skills using Mavis Beacon. (No, that’s not exactly what I hoping, but you have to start somewhere.)

I was happy to see her excitement, so I got her a club request form, which requires five students as founding members.

Today, she came up to me again. “I need one more, Mr. Isero. Can you help me?” We’re close. And now I have a homework assignment. Maybe this year, the student technology club will get off the ground, Mavis Beacon or not. favicon

(Note: Please, if you have ideas for how to grow the club, let me know in the comments. Thank you.)

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