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Reading results: Kindlers vs. non-Kindlers

favicon Final reading assessment data is in from the Oakland Kindle classroom, and I’m pleased to announce more encouraging results.

The teacher with whom I worked had two sets of students, one of which participated in the Kindle Classroom Project.

The Kindlers raised their reading scores by an average of 1.9 grade levels.

The non-Kindlers raised their reading scores by an average of 0.9 grade levels.

By no means am I ready to write up these results and try to publish them in the Harvard Educational Review. The sample size is not big enough, plus I need to take some basic research classes before deeming anything statistically significant.

Even so, I am pleased.

In addition, I’m hoping to do a more sophisticated study next year with all 60 Kindlers. Are there academic-type people out there who could help me create a little study? Please let me know! favicon


  1. Meg Griswold

    This is really exciting, even if it is a small sample. I would love to hear about your progress and if you get any bites on an academic type who could help you with the study. I would love some positive news on this front to help my case!

  2. Mark Isero

    Thank you, Meg! Sorry that I didn’t get back to you sooner. Good luck with the beginning of your school year, and I’d love to hear more of your stories about how you and your students are using Kindles in the classroom.

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