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Octovo sleeves give Kindles some swag

favicon Here’s a secret: Teenagers like to read. They really do.

It’s just not cool enough, especially in public.

I mean, how uncool is it to be 14 years old riding the bus with a paperback in your hands? All your friends have iPhones and iPods and various other high-status accessories.

That’s part of the reason teenagers prefer Kindles over physical books. High-tech devices bring status.

The problem is, the Kindle isn’t high-tech enough. The iPad and Kindle Fire win out there. But the Kindle is superior for reading.

Therefore, the Kindle needs a little bit extra. That’s where Octovo sleeves come in.

Available for the Kindle Keyboard, these polyurethane sleeves ($9.75) come in six sharp colors: orange, blue, yellow, pink, gray, and black. They tell the world, loud and clear, “Yeah, I’m a reader. Do you have a problem with that?”

You might think this is silly, but it really isn’t. Until a revolution occurs in our country that propels reading to be more significant in teenagers’ lives than music, it’s crucial to make reading as tantalizing and high-status as possible. favicon

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