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Kindle donations are getting super stylish

favicon The Kindle Classroom Project brings me a ton of joy.

The best part, of course, is hanging out with students and witnessing how Kindles help them love reading again.

The second best part is receiving Kindle donations in the mail. From all across the country, usually from people I have never met, Kindles arrive magically on my porch. They’re always packed safely in tidy boxes, complete with bubble wrap or tons of newspaper. It’s clear how committed people are to giving students the gift of reading.

Lately, Kindle donations have become very stylish. Here are a few examples:


That snappy Kindle is from Lori (Woodbridge, VA). Nice skin, don’t you think? A lucky ninth grader from Oakland gets this Kindle next week. Here’s the back:


Who wouldn’t want to read on that Kindle? (Thanks, Lori!)

I also want to thank Sam (North Potomac, MD) for continuing the charge of another recent trend —  donations of Kindle Paperwhites. What’s great about the Paperwhite is that students can read at all hours of the night. Here’s the one that Sam donated:


The case is top-of-the-line, too. The Oakland ninth grader who gets this Kindle is also extremely lucky!

It’s November, so the holiday season is coming up, which means I predict that more generous donors will send me their Kindles. It’s not a long shot to to think that we might have 200+ Kindles by the end of the year.

Thank you to Lori and Sam and all KCP donors! favicon

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