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Kindle #15 arrived today!

favicon It’s looking like the Kindle Classroom Project is gaining some momentum. Kindle #15 has arrived!

There it is, our second Kindle Touch, over there on the right, all ready to be placed in a ninth grader’s eager hands.

I’m very appreciative of everybody’s contributions. This Kindle came from a generous donor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who found Iserotope after doing a Google search.

There is real power in complete strangers — especially when those strangers believe in young people and the need to read.

We’re just 10 more Kindles away from completing a class set of 25. Once that happens, the Kindles will become even more powerful. The students could use them for reading and annotating teacher-assigned texts, not just for the books they choose. A student’s thinking would appear on another student’s Kindle, and vice versa. It’s very exciting to consider!

Once again, thank you very much, and as always, if you know of someone who would like to donate his or her Kindle, please direct them to my email: mark at iserotope dot com. favicon

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