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Kindle #13 arrives!

image I found a package on my porch when I returned last night from my three-week vacation to India.

It’s Kindle #13! There it is on the right.

This is the first Kindle donation I’ve received since February, so I’m extra appreciative.

And the donor, a local artist, found out about the Kindle Classroom Project after conducting a quick Google search. That’s pretty neat.

Unless you’re a Kindle fanatic, you can’t really tell by the photo that this is a Kindle DX, which sports a 9.7-inch display. The device is bigger than the iPad!

I can’t wait to try this new Kindle out on students. My prediction is that accomplished readers won’t like it. Reluctant readers, though — especially those craving large text — are going to be drawn to this Kindle.

It begs to be read.

In the next few weeks, as I figure out my new job, it’ll become clear which teacher I’ll be teaming up with on this project.

If you know of friends or family members who have an old Kindle lying around, please encourage them to donate it to students. 

Please share your brilliant insights!