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Kindle #12! Half way to a class set

Kindle #12 & my Snoopy water bottle.

favicon Our class’s 12th Kindle arrived today. Thank you very much, Katie!

The Classroom Kindle Project continues to grow. I’m amazed by the generosity of my friends and anonymous donors.

My goal is to acquire a class set of 24 Kindles before next school year. That way, each of my classes can use the Kindles for a quarter at a time.

My ultimate goal, of course, is to provide a total 1:1 environment and to completely sync my physical classroom library (now 500 titles) onto the Kindles.

I believe strongly that reading is the most important skill to teach. Students who read well have significant advantages in all academic subjects.

Even more important is teaching students the joy of reading. Many of my students read fairly well but have not made reading a significant part of their lives. I want my students to read newspapers and magazines regularly and to read hundreds of books during high school.

If you know anyone who would like to donate their old Kindle to my students, please direct them to iserotope.com/contribute. Thank you so much! favicon

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