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The KCP has a new teacher application!

imagesfavicon 2014 marked a year of growth and reflection for the Kindle Classroom Project. I got to work with several teachers and hundreds of students. Through our successes and obstacles, I gained even more clarity that the KCP is a powerful program that helps students reclaim their love of reading.

Through my experiences and conversations with teachers, I also learned what makes a KCP classroom work best.

An effective KCP classroom has these three ingredients:
– A committed teacher who cares deeply about independent reading,
– A detail-oriented teacher who can manage and troubleshoot Kindles,
– Strong collaboration and communication between the teacher and me.

With that knowledge, I enter the new year excited to announce that it’s time to expand the KCP to more classrooms in 2015.

There’s even a new program overview and teacher application! (It’s a document in progress and may be revised. Its direct URL is http://j.mp/kcpapp.)

Right now, I’m not ready to open up this application to all teachers in the Bay Area. There are a lot of Kindles, but not that many. For the next few months, I’m going to see if there are teachers from existing schools (Leadership High School, City Arts and Technology, Envision Academy, Impact Academy, and REALM Charter School) who want to apply.

After that — and if Kindles continue to stream in! — I will determine next steps. Please let me know your ideas and thoughts. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!