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Iserotope Extras is now featured on the front page of Bundlr

favicon Less than a week after its launch, Iserotope Extras is now featured on the front page of Bundlr(Update: Extras is now The Highlighter.)

Here’s the email I got:

Hello, Mark Isero. We have great news!

Your bundle ISEROTOPE extras (Education & Science) is being featured in our homepage!

Thank you for taking the time to create this awesome collection and for making Bundlr a better place 🙂

Go check the homepage and find your bundle.

the Bundlr team

I am very pleased by the news. What I thought was simply an extra feature may now bring more people to the blog and may build the Iserotope community.

After all, Bundlr is an excellent content curation tool that more people, especially teachers, will discover soon. (And yes, it’s better than Pinterest and Scoop.it.)

If you’d like to recommend articles for Extras, email me at mark at iserotope dot com. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!