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I am thankful for sustaining donors like Alisa

favicon It’s Thanksgiving week, and I have a lot of people to thank.

Of course, there are my friends and family, who have supported me during this slightly-crazy year. But then there are also the people I don’t know who care about my students and their reading lives. Some of these strangers become friends.

Dr. Alisa Cooper is one of them.

A few years ago, I contacted Alisa (Phoenix, AZ) for help with podcasting. It was clear early on that Alisa was knowledgeable in all things tech and all things English. I was impressed with the way she taught her introductory college courses in Arizona. So we kept in touch.

Then one day earlier this year, I received a Kindle from Alisa. And not long after, her friends donated several more. People say that it’s “the power of the Internet,” but for the Internet to have any power, there have to be kind and generous people like Alisa who get out the word.

Alisa wasn’t finished. In May, she posted this video on YouTube.

Really generous and kind, don’t you think? I think so.

Alisa is a great example of a sustaining donor to the Kindle Classroom Project, whose dedication and generosity extend past a one-time donation. Some sustaining donors contribute multiple times, while others get the word out (by word-of-mouth and word-of-tech) and encourage their friends to donate.

I am very thankful for Alisa and the following sustaining donors:

Lesley (Menlo Park, CA), Iris (San Diego, CA), LeAnne (Fremont, CA), Wil (New York, NY), Brian (San Diego, CA), Donna (Las Vegas, NV), Laura (San Francisco, CA), DSW (anonymous), Angela (Concord, CA), Nicole (Quincy, MA), Michele (San Francisco, CA), Jessica (San Francisco, CA), Denise (Alpharetta, GA), Imene (San Francisco, CA), Sarah (Logan, UT), Mary (Parkersburg, IA), Jenni (Berkeley, CA), Stuart (New York, NY), Anonymous (international), Saugut (Jersey City, NJ), Dave (Oakland, CA), Cindy (San Francisco, CA), Lynna (Mtn. View, CA), Lisa (San Francisco, CA).

It’s 100% possible that I’ve missed a few names, so once you tell me or I find out, I’ll update the list! Until then, please accept my deepest thanks. You are the folks who make this project go! favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!