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Back to school — already?

It’s always a shock to come back to school, but this year, it seems even earlier than normal.

Students return next week, so there’s limited time to finish setting up my classroom, writing my syllabus, and taking care of business.

All those things seemed challenging even before finding out just a few minutes ago that I’ll be sharing my classroom and teaching in two classrooms this year.


I don’t mind sharing; my colleagues are wonderful. But I was looking forward not to have to cart my stuff around the building all the time. There will also be implications to my reading workshop and 1,000,000 Word Challenge, not to mention my ideas with technology. Even though there’s nothing I can do about it, and even though it’s best for the school, I’m very angry. It makes me feel like my prep over the summer won’t matter. Is there a point, for example, to spend money on furniture for a reading nook if 1/3 of my students won’t have access? 

Please share your brilliant insights!