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More evidence that Kindle donors are great

favicon Kindle donors are not just generous. They’re also creative and conscientious. You can tell in the packaging.

Today, Kindle #513 came, a Kindle Fire from Jules in Portland, Oregon. Thank you, Jules!

Here’s the outside of the package. Note the drawing.

Kindle Outside Package

And here’s the inside of the package. Yep, it’s another padded envelope, just in case, plus another note.

Kindle Inside Package

And take a look at the little notebook that Jules included. Though I want to keep this notebook, I’ll be giving it to the student who gets Jules’s Kindle.


The extra touches are perfect. I can’t wait to give this Kindle away to a student. He or she will hear about Jules from Portland who packages her Kindle safely and securely and who really cares about the student’s reading life.

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