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Donate your broken Kindle! (I’ll fix it, then give it to a student.)

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Hoai from New York sent me these two broken Kindle 3s today. Just a few hours later, they’re as good as new!

favicon Do you have a broken Kindle that you don’t want to throw away in the trash?

Is your Kindle a Kindle 2 or Kindle 3 (also known as a Kindle Keyboard)?

Sure, you could call up Amazon for a replacement if your Kindle is still within the product’s one-year warranty. But that’s unlikely: The Kindle 2 came out in 2009 and the Kindle 3 followed a year later.

Or, if you’re lucky, your kind Amazon customer service representative will offer you a refurbished Kindle for a mild discount.

But why bother? After all, you’ve already graduated to a Kindle Paperwhite or an iPad mini anyway, so that Kindle from eons ago is just cluttering up space in your drawer. And it’s causing you great distress, isn’t it?

Well, I have a solution for you! I really do!

Donate your broken Kindle to the Kindle Classroom Project!

For the last three years, I’ve collected donated Kindles and loaned them to ninth graders in San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward. This has brought much joy and tons of reading. The Project is up to 162 Kindles and 501 Kindle books, and it’s growing rapidly.

Want to help out? All you need is a Kindle 2 or Kindle 3. Then, fill out this easy form, and I’ll be in touch quickly with next steps.

When I receive your Kindle, this is what will happen:
(a) If your Kindle has a broken screen, I’ll use its battery to bring another Kindle back to life, then give it to a student;
(b) If your Kindle has a bad battery, I’ll replace the battery and give it to a student.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. In exchange for your Kindle, I will send you a thank-you letter and publish your first name (unless you’re shy) in an upcoming post on Iserotope! Thank you very much for your generosity. favicon