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New epidemic on campus: Reading While Walking

favicon Reading has officially caught on at my school. The combination of choice, high-interest  books, and an extensive Kindle library has propelled some students to a dangerous new pastime: Reading While Walking, also known as RWW.

Our school hallways were already precarious even before this new phenomenon. To navigate the crowds, you sometimes need the skills of a running back or a slalom skier.

But RWWers have taken a different approach:

1. Stick out your book or Kindle at arm’s length.

2. Read your book.

3. Walk slowly and deliberately, as if you’re a zombie.

The zombie description isn’t way off, actually. After all, these RWWers are definitely in The Reading Zone.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet captured any RWWers on camera, but I hope to snap a few photos soon. Until then, I will say that Reading While Walking occurs more often in boys than girls.

Their favorite books right now? Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Story of a Part-Time Indian and Reymundo Sanchez’ My Bloody Life: The Making of a Latin King.

Plus, it helps to be tall and strong — so if you bump into someone, you don’t fall over. favicon

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