Donate Your Kindle

Do you have a Kindle that you’d like to give to a worthy cause? Donate it to my students! (See below.)

Founded in 2011, the Kindle Classroom Project promotes the love and power of reading by providing Kindles and good books to high school students in San Francisco and Oakland.

There have been 1,860 Kindles and 1,397 ebooks donated so far. Thank you, Donors!

Currently, we are accepting Kindle donations (Kindle Keyboards and up — sorry, we no longer accept original Kindles and Kindle 2s). If you have a Kindle sitting around and you’re not sure what to do with it, please donate your Kindle to the Kindle Classroom Project!  We’d be really appreciative to have it.

It’s easy to donate your Kindle: Just fill out this form and click the Donate button! After you do, I’ll send you an email with more details and next steps.

Donate Your Kindle!

In return, you’ll receive a thank-you letter and your first name featured in an upcoming Iserotope post (unless you’re shy).

Read more about the Kindle Classroom Project:

Don’t have a Kindle to donate? There are many ways to contribute. Buy a new Kindle and have it shipped directly. We also accept Kindle e-book donations! Or send us an Amazon gift card or donate money to the project so we can buy books for the donated Kindles. Or go directly to the classroom’s Amazon wishlist! Or tell your friends!



    • Mark Isero

      Gail, a Nook! I would gladly accept a Nook, as long as you don’t insist that I change the name of The Kindle Classroom Project! Do you think the Nook and the Kindles can be friends?

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  2. Lois

    I would like to donate these to you: a Kindle 3 with keyboard, a Kindle Fire (first generation), and a Nook Tablet. My only question is, even though they have all been deactivated, can my information be retrieved by someone else?

    • Mark Isero

      Lois, thanks for wanting to donate your e-readers! If you want to be extra safe, you can do a “factory reset,” which will wipe all data. Email me at kindleclassroomproject(at)gmail(dot)com if you have questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. Rubèn Avila

    I´m a teacher in, Aguascalientes, Mexico and I´ll be very pleased to promote reading on my students using Kindles as their main tool. In my opinion, reading could be an excellent way to keep students in schools out of drug-cartels. Kindles could be a great tool for making them get closer to good literature. I wish I could contact someone interested in donating Kindles and ebooks to our project. You can find us as Uta Bilingual Class on Facebook.

  4. Liat Silberman

    I have pressed factory reset but I still have 657 archived items on my Kindle 2. How do I remove t hem so that the kindle is completely empty for you?

    • Mark Isero

      Thank you for your donation and your question about resetting your Kindle back to factory settings. On a Kindle 2, you press the menu button, select settings, then press the menu button. This will give you the option to restore the Kindle to factory settings, which will wipe the device of its contents as well as deregister the device. Hope that’s helpful!

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