Donate Kindle Books

donatebooksfavicon The Kindle Classroom Project gets this question a lot: “Can I donate my Kindle books?”

I wish you could, but according to Amazon policy, you can’t. The books on your account stay on your account, and the only way to donate these books is by letting someone else use your entire account.

Which is too bad, I know!

However: Amazon does allow you to loan a few of your books to other people for a short period of time, but this isn’t considered donating.

But if you’re interested in donating e-books, loaning does nothing for you. Good thing you’ve come to Iserotope, the home of the Kindle Classroom Project. This means that you’re in luck!

The Kindle Classroom Project promotes reading among high school students in Oakland and San Francisco. Instead of using physical books, which get worn and lost easily, the program gives Kindles to students and offers access to a library of 1,027+ e-books.

Plus, there’s an extra promise: If a student requests a book, then we buy the book and add it to the Kindle Library — for everyone to share!

So, if you’re interested in helping out my students to build their reading lives, the best course of action is to contribute to the KCP Kindle Library. Each $10 that you donate goes to buy one student-requested book.

You can make a donation via PayPal. Please let me know if you have questions!

For more information about the KCP, please go here! If you’d like more ways to contribute, please go here! favicon


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