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Donate books via an Amazon gift card!

favicon 2015 is the year to build the Kindle Library. Students are reading and reading, which means they’re requesting new books every day. This is wonderful.

What’s also wonderful is that more generous donors are asking me if I accept Amazon gift cards. The answer is, Of course! Here’s how:

1. You can send via email a gift card of any amount.
The recipient email is kindleclassroomproject(at)gmail(dot)com. In the message field, please leave your name and email address so I can thank you!

2. You can send a $10, $40, or $100 gift card (or a gift card of any amount) through the mail.
Click on the card of your choice below. Once on the Amazon page, add the card to your cart and proceed to checkout. You’ll see my mailing address automatically show up on the “select a shipping address” page. Please include your name and email address in the greeting so I can thank you!

$10 Amazon Gift Card   $40 Amazon Gift Card   $100 Amazon Gift Card

If you don’t like $10, $40, or $100: You can easily change the denomination after clicking on one of the cards above. It’ll still go to my shipping address.

With your help, I can continue to honor my pledge to students: If you want to read a book, and it’s not in the Kindle Library, I will get that book for you.

As the KCP grows, and as students reclaim their love of reading, the demand for books will increase. I welcome you to support the students on their reading journey. favicon

Please share your brilliant insights!